How to Brine a Thanksgiving Turkey | Williams-Sonoma

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Brining is a process that adds more taste and flavor to your Thanksgiving turkey. In this video, Williams-Sonoma’s test kitchen expert Annette shows you how to brine a turkey for Thanksgiving.

Typically, brine is a solution of water and salt. But, Annette shows you how to make the brine even more flavorful by adding a variety of herbs, spices and buttermilk. In order to brine your Thanksgiving turkey, first boil water with salt, sugar and other herbs and let it cool before adding buttermilk to it. Adding buttermilk to the brine will make your Thanksgiving turkey super tender and moist and will result in a tasty roast.

To add brine to your Thanksgiving turkey, place the turkey inside a brining bag and add the brining solution. Seal the bag and put it under refrigeration for 24 hours before you roast your turkey. While refrigerating your brined turkey, it is important to rotate it regularly for even brining.

Brining the turkey allows the flavors to penetrate into the meat more deeply than a marinade. Water from the brine enters each cell, making the meat juicier while infusing it with flavor.

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